Night thoughts

He is and will be the best thing in my life. Despite all the bsd time we’ve been through. Despite all the times when I go crazy or act childishly. He will always be there for me and will never let me go, he promised that and I know he will keep his promise. What I also know, is that I made a lot of mistakes, I’ve hurted him a lot, but he forgave me. I know he loves me and I am sure he knows I do too. Depsite all the bad times, I’ll still love him and I hope he’ll realize how much he means to me by the time he’ll read this. If you’re reading this, I am telling that I’m sorry for everything, for every word I said and for every mistake I made. I’m sorry for being such a baby and I hope you’ll forgive me for everything. I can never let go of you, that is all I know.